Test Units for Manufacturers      
  Fully automatic test units for quick and efficient testing a series of valves. Ventil IT specialists design smart software for the test- & operation system. The fully integrated computer system assures a very simple operating procedure. The test- & operation system controls the test procedure and a combination of accurate pressure sensors and flow meters detect / measure any leakage. The intelligent software compares the found test results with the programmed test standard. Within seconds the system gives a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ signal.



√ Range ¼ - 86”
√ Horizontal (stem vertical) or vertical (stem horizontal).
√ 1 – 2000 ton’s of clamping force.
√ With no or limited linear force on the valve body.
√ Test pressure range: from vacuum up to 30,000 PSI.
√ Test medium: Liquid, compressed air, Nitrogen, 
Helium or Hydrogen.

Optional features
√ Computer registration system.
√ Full automatic operation system.
√ Testing one or a complete series of valves.
√ Automatic open close action.
√ Valve performance testing, considering;
   measuring of the stroke measuring;
   open/closetime and torque measuring